Schedule Class Recording

You must be listed as an instructor of record in the Registrar's Schedule of Classes in order to request automated recording for a given class; requests that do not come from an officially listed instructor will not be fulfilled.

Scheduled recordings will automatically be added to the private YuJa media library of the instructor who made the request and the instructor will have control over any edits and/or distribution of their recordings.

The class title will be used in the default title of each recording and the instructor may edit recording titles as needed.

Unless otherwise specified, automated recordings will cover the officially scheduled meeting days/times for the class, excluding final exams.

Scheduled recording is only available in select classrooms; if your classroom does not appear in the list or if you want to record an event or meeting (anything other than an officially listed class), you can manually run your own YuJa recordings. For more information, see Getting Started.

YuJa has 3 recording options available to instructors. Option 1 and 2 can be scheduled through this webpage while option 3 needs to be run manually for each class.

Step 1) Visit and login. This will create your account
Step 2) Complete the form below.

Don't wait until right before class!

Classroom Technologies staff schedule recordings manually and the volume of requests can get quite high, particularly just before the start of the quarter. The further you can submit your request in advance of your first day of class, the better the odds that we can get your recording scheduled in time.

If you send a request on your first day of class, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to schedule it in time and you may miss some recordings.

Note: Only requests by the instructor of record will be processed. If you are a student who would like your class recorded, please ask your instructor, who may choose whether or not they would like to do so. All submissions through this form are logged.