How does YuJa fit into remote teaching plans?

Instructors can use YuJa to record course material. YuJa is best for asynchronous activities, e.g. videos instructors record and share for students to watch on their own schedules.

For synchronous / real-time sessions, we recommend Zoom instead of YuJa. Note that instructors who use Zoom can record their sessions (see: and upload the recording to their YuJa libraries (see: for easy distribution.

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What's UCI Replay? What's YuJa?

UCI Replay is the campus name for UCI's lecture capture service. YuJa is the software that powers this service.

Features include:

  • Capture your screen, connected camera, and/or audio
  • Integrate with Canvas to easily embed recordings
  • Automatic closed captioning and slide text recognition
  • Trim recordings, adjust captions, and make other general edits through any web browse
  • Pre-installed in classrooms & available for download to your own computer
  • Private media libraries
  • Mobile-optimized recordings
  • Option to schedule automated recording in some classrooms

Set up YuJa

Download & install software

Using a SmartClassroom computer? YuJa is already installed and ready to go on all standardized SmartClassroom lectern PCs.

If you want to record from your own computer:

  1. Open and login, if you have not done so already
  2. Press Create Recording on the top menu bar
  3. Press Download to save the application on your computer

Add to Canvas (Recommended / Optional)

If you're using Canvas, you have the option of enabling YuJa's Canvas integration, but you do not need to use Canvas in order to use YuJa with your course; you can still use YuJa whether or not you choose to use Canvas. The integration has several benefits:

  • Easily embed YuJa content in Canvas pages, assignments, discussions, (pretty much anywhere you can add formatted content in Canvas)
  • Publish recordings right to an associated Canvas course space to make them available to all enrolled students
  • Provide your students with a YuJa link in your course navigation that will help students access the library of recordings associated with your class
  • Run live streaming sessions associated with a class

Configure the Canvas integration

  1. Login to
  2. Open your course space
  3. Press Settings in the lower-left
  4. Open the Navigation tab
  5. Drag YuJa from the list of hidden navigation items at the bottom of the page, up into the list of enabled navigation items
  6. Press Save
  7. Press YuJa in the course navigation menu (left side)
  8. Your YuJa account will be connected to your Canvas course space, enabling Canvas-specific sharing options

Create recordings

Helpful resources

Start a recording manually

Using installed classroom PC
  1. Open the YuJa Software Station application
  2. Select Single Sign On and UC Irvine, then press Sign In
  3. In the menu on the left-hand side, adjust VideoAudio, and Screen settings as needed
  4. Tap your microphone to verify the level bounces under Mic Source
  5. (Optional) Enter a title and description for your video
  6. (Optional) Select a class if you are using the YuJa integration in Canvas and would like to make this recording available to an associated class
  7. Press Start to begin recording
  8. Press Stop to end recording
  9. Press Save to post the recording in your private media library
Using other computers

Schedule a recording

OIT Classroom Technology Support can schedule automated recordings to capture the screen and audio (provided the instructor uses one of the provided microphones in the classroom) at instructor request for classes scheduled in the following classrooms:

  • ALP 1300
  • ALP 2300
  • BS3 1200
  • DBH 1100
  • EH 1200
  • ELH 100
  • HIB 100
  • HSLH 100A
  • MDEA
  • PCB 1100
  • PSLH 100
  • SSH 100
  • SSLH 100
  • SSPA 1100

Please note that only ALP 1300 and ALP 2300 have installed cameras to capture video of a class session. Instructors can use the lectern control panel under YuJa to adjust the live video camera settings in ALP 1300 and 2300.

Scheduled recordings are automatically placed in the private YuJa media library of the instructor who made the request. The instructor may edit their recordings and determine if, how, and when recordings are shared with anyone else.

For more information about the technology available in specific classrooms, visit SmartClassrooms Info

Broadcast live

If you are using YuJa with a Canvas course space, you can run a live broadcast for your class by setting 'Live' to 'Yes' when you are choosing your recording options. While a live session is running, any of your students who access YuJa via Canvas will see a notification inviting them to join the live session.

Manage recordings

Browse & organize

  1. Login to
  2. Press New Folder to create a folder (or subfolder, if you have already opened a folder and would like to further organize its contents)
  3. Drag-and-drop individual recordings and/or folders to reorganize them as-needed
  4. If you would like to organize multiple files at once, press More Options... and select the appropriate files; you'll then see options for moving, deleting, or downloading all the selected files

Edit recordings

Important: If you are going to make any other edits to a recording, such as trimming the recording duration, make those edits before you work on your captions; always work on your captions last, after any other edits are done, to avoid losing your work.

  1. Login to
  2. Hover over the recording in YuJa and click Edit from the menu
  3. The YuJa video editor will open

View usage data

YuJa can provide detailed recording usage data. The level of detail depends on how a recording is distributed. If a YuJa recording is embedded on a page within a Canvas course space that is locked down to enrolled students (the default visibility setting for UCI Canvas course spaces), then YuJa will be able to provide detailed, identified usage data.

On the other hand, if a YuJa recording is posted somewhere public where anyone can view it without logging in under a UCInetID and password, then YuJa will not be able to identify those viewers, so some of the data will remain anonymous.

    1. Hover over the recording in YuJa and click More... from the menu
    2. In the lower-left, click Analytics
    3. In the lower-right, click See More

Share recordings

Share with a course via Canvas

  1. If you have not done so already, add the YuJa integration to your Canvas course space
  2. Hover over the recording in YuJa and click Publish
  3. Select the appropriate Canvas course space
  4. Press Select
  5. Students will be able to navigate directly from your course to associated videos via the YuJa link in the Canvas course space's navigation

Embed in Canvas

  1. Edit the page, discussion, or other content in your Canvas course space where you would like to embed a YuJa recording
  2. Click on the downward-facing arrow icon (to the right of the Google Drive icon)
  3. Click on YuJa
  4. Your YuJa media library will appear (may take a moment); click on the recording you want to embed
  5. Save your changes to the Canvas course space content
  6. Students will be able to play the embedded recording within the appropriate Canvas assignment, discussion, page, or other content

Share with specific people

Option 1: Share with specific people

  1. Hover over the recording in YuJa and press Share
  2. Start to type the name or UCInetID of a person you want to share your recording with and select the appropriate person from the drop-down list YuJa will automatically display to match the text you have entered
  3. Repeat step 2 for each person (you can add multiple people at once)
  4. Press Share
  5. Choose what level of access to provide for each person
  6. Press Save
  1. Hover over the recording in YuJa and press More, then Links
  2. Copy the Direct Link and share this URL with your students or whomever you wish to direct to your YuJa recording
    • This option will not provide you with individual analytics

Download recordings

  1. Hover over the recording in YuJa and click More... from the menu
  2. Open the Download settings in the lower-left
  3. Select either Audio Podcast (audio only; no video) or 'Video Podcast' (both audio and video)
  4. Press Request Media
  5. Select whether you would like your video and audio files to be combined or separate
    1. If you have chosen Single File, choose a video source (for instance, if you recorded using both screen capture and a classroom camera, you will need to pick which of the two to include in your combined video with audio)
  6. Press Request Media
  7. YuJa will begin preparing the file or files for download; when ready, you'll receive an email with download information


Automatic captioning

Automatic captioning is available for spoken English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Instructors' videos are automatically captioned, while student's videos are not (students can contact us at for any questions or requests around captioning).

Instructors will receive an automated email when a video's captioning has been added, and instructors can edit their transcripts as-needed.

For more information about editing transcripts, see: YuJa - Editing Captions in the Video Editor

Upload captions & transcripts

You can upload your own captions and/or video transcripts as follows:

  1. Login to
  2. Hover over the recording in YuJa and click More... from the menu
  3. Click Accessibility in the lower-left
  4. Click Upload and chose the appropriate file type
  5. Select your file, specify the language, and complete your upload


Recording freezes after slides start (Mac)

In July 2019, Classroom Technologies had a support inquiry from an instructor who started a recording while using their Mac laptop, then started their Powerpoint slides, and the recording froze at that point.

This issue was resolved by un-checking a Powerpoint setting labeled “Always start Presenter View with 2 displays” as follows:

  1. Open your Powerpoint slides
  2. In the upper-left, find the Powerpoint menu and click Preferences
  3. Open the Slide Show preference pane
  4. Un-check Always start Presenter View with 2 displays

Once this setting is disabled, you should be able to successfully run your Powerpoint slides and record in YuJa.

If you're experiencing this issue and disabling the “Always start Presenter View with 2 displays” setting does not resolve it, please contact for help.

Video Tutorials

For more helpful videos and guides, please visit YuJa's Video Tutorials page

* UCI's original Replay service used a different technology, TechSmith Relay, for which TechSmith is discontinuing support, which is partly why UCI Replay is transitioning to YuJa.