On January 15, 2019, we sent the following email to YuJa – Subject: “THANK YOU YUJA!”

“In the rush of day-to-day events, we often overlook the importance of saying thank you for the little things each of you does every day to make UC Irvine lecture capture and media management a success. Over the 19 months since we’ve launched YuJa, you have been receptive to over 500 of feature requests and implemented well over 100. I have 576 responses from support@yuja.com (not including “New Comment” emails) and you’ve directly helped more than 50 of our faculty and staff with questions – some with vastly complex scenarios. You’ve created custom recorders for specific hardware, recovered lost recordings, worked with us to integrate hardware hubs into a variety of Extron components, and even when our questions are occasionally vague, unclear, incomplete, circular, you still work with us to track down the cause and provide a solution. Absolutely every bug, investigation, and feature request we’ve submitted has a ticket number and in a bi-monthly report, we often see those same ticket numbers as “implemented.”   We are proud to be in this partnership with YuJa and look forward to many great years ahead.”